At Manning, Gosda & Arredondo our practice is dedicated primarily to litigation, with special emphasis on the trial of complex personal injury, products liability, property damage and commercial cases. Our firm's organizational structure enables us to respond promptly and efficiently to our clients' needs. We offer clients a broad base of technical expertise in many fields and disciplines regularly encountered in serious personal injury and property damage litigation as well as an in-depth understanding of emerging issues and trends in specific areas of products liability, maritime personal injury and toxic tort litigation. We have extensive experience in the handling of highly technical catastrophic loss cases involving multiple deaths and injuries as well as property damage. We also have the ability to manage a large docket of mass tort cases.

Recent Verdicts and Appellate Decisions

February 2014

Jessica Grigg, et al. v. LG Electroncis USA, Inc., et al.

On interlocutory appeal, MGA obtained a reversal of the trial court's denial of its client's motion for summary judgment. The Plaintiffs in the underlying litigation brought wrongful death claims in Angelina County related to the death of their biological father. Many years before the incident, however, the decedent's parental rights as to each of the Plaintiffs had been terminated by court orders. MGA sought summary judgment from the trial court on the Plaintiffs' wrongful death claims on the grounds that the orders terminating parental rights divested the Plaintiffs of standing to assert wrongful death claims related to the decedent's death. The trial court denied the motion for summary judgment, but, finding existing caselaw created a substantial ground for difference of opinion on that issue, entered an order permitting an interlocutory appeal. After considering the parties' briefs and hearing oral arguments, the Court of Appeals agreed with MGA that a court order terminating parental rights divests the affected parties of certain legal rights with respect to one another, including the right to bring statutory wrongful death claims for one another's death. Accordingly, the Court of Appeals entered judgment reversing the trial court's order denying summary judgment.

Court of Appeals Opinion (pdf)

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